Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I'm back

Now having not one but 2 computers back and a new kindle fire maybe I can keep my blog going.  Things are better mom is home with her heartmate which is pushing blood through her heart since her whole left ventrical is damaged.  So that is amazing!!! 
The twins are teething galore which is rough but doable.  Brian this week is participating in Jump Rope for heart to help raise funds for the American Heart Association which is amazing.  Of course the school has another fundraiser going on but I'm going with the one that raises money for AHA and donating equipment to the school.  I've been torn since Brian will hopefully test out of our city Special Education program he'll be going to the school that is for our neighborhood next year.
Later this morning I'll post a review for my book I finished last night.  I want to get my review on here so I can move on to the sequel.  Argh left me hanging....always fun.  I'll also try to go back and do reviews on the books I've read since the last one and my current book which includes Kissed in Paris by Juliette Sobanet on of my fellow chick lit ladies from our group on Facebook.
Well, that is my call I do believe I need to put the twins down for nap soon then I'll post my review while they are asleep.
See you soon

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